A Blue Sun Never Sets

Character Study; the amorous nature

He’s the world’s best date—quick-witted, charming, interested in his companion, generous, and imaginative about places to go and things to see. A date with him is like an entertainment that never ends.

Women are drawn like moths to the bright flame of his vivacity, his zest for living. And like moths, women flare briefly in his life and are gone. It won’t do any good to try to pin him down. See that bright flash of color in the garden? It’s a living butterfly, not a specimen in a case. Enjoy it while you can; its stay will be brief.

Ozzy loves women, which is one of his secrets of success with them. Oz is genuinely interested in what women have to say, how their minds work, what he can learn from them. But he also needs his minimum daily requirement of fun, and when the fun leaves a relationship so does he. Just as a woman begins to take him seriously he vanishes in a puff of smoke.

The truth is that Oz is made uneasy by too much emotion, by a woman who takes love too seriously. He thinks sex is fascinating because it continually renews itself; but love is terminal. Curiously, though, Oz tends to get involved with intense, emotional women. (Of course, he doesn’t usually stay involved.) Something about women who live on a dramatic level, who really feel emotions and express them, intrigues and fascinates Ozzy. It’s as if through them he hopes to uncover a new facet in himself.

If you ask him why he flits from one female to another, he’ll tell you it’s because he’s searching for his own identity, or the perfect love, or some elusive goal of perfection. He is looking for his spiritual soul mate who will complete his nature and put an end to his duality.

It’s all too easy for you to fall into this man’s silken web. He’s a past master at the art of seduction. Many a woman has begun a friendly relationship with a nice, seemingly unaggressive Ozzy only to find herself in bed with him—and not quite sure how she got there. A variation of this approach is when he seems not to be interested, or is acting cool and indifferent or is even pursuing someone else for a time. Then when you start making an effort to attract him, it’s too late. He’s slipped the halter around your neck.

As a lover he has imagination, assurance, and flair, but he may not seem fully committed. His attention si always partly occupied elsewhere.

A romance will prove intriguing and exciting but may not survive the rough spots. The initial glow rubs off, the flame starts to sputter. No regrets, though, when smoke gets in your eyes. He’s been fascinating to know.

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